Back Stretch

With hands on your club as shown, feet wider than shoulder width apart, and knees slightly bent, push arms away while bending body at the waist into a sitting position.







Side Bend Stretch

Great Shoulder/IT Band/Back/Core Stretch
With arms straight, legs crossed, and the front knee slightly bent, hold club above your head and slowly bend to one side. Repeat on the other side.






Shoulder/Chest Stretch

Hold club behind back with both hands while standing with knees slightly bent. Pull down with one arm and then pull up with the other arm stretching shoulder. Repeat on the other side.






Core Rotation Stretch

Hold club with hands on ends behind neck/shoulders in golf address position with knees slightly bent. Rotate until you feel a slight stretch maintaining spine angles. Repeat on the other side.






If you feel any pain, lessen the stretch or stop, and consult your practitioner.